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Evictee Mark Chrysler with host Arisa Cox / Credit: Global TV

The fifth season of Big Brother Canada is in full swing, with one houseguest already sent packing following a week of drama, twists, trials and tribulations!

Meanwhile, In the questions put up by to that evictee – Mark Chrysler – about his time in the house and where his game might have went wrong; find out what he had to say below…

How do you feel now that you’ve had a little time to reflect on your time in the house?

It was a great experience; I really wouldn’t change anything for the world. I had an absolute blast. In that short week I had some big highs and some hard lows, but, do you know what? Overall, I met a lot of really great people that I think I’ll have a really great friendship with outside the house. It was just a really great experience.

Why do you think you were the first houseguest to be evicted?

I definitely think I was more of a threat compared to Demetres. I was someone that a lot of people said couldn’t be controlled, and they could really see me going far, or even winning this game. I know a lot of people were very emotional; they thought I deserved to stay, I felt like. A lot of people thought they could control Demetres and swing his vote to their favour, so I definitely think it was a power move to get me out.

Why do you think the vote was so close?

The vote was really close definitely because of what happened in the end. I think a lot of people didn’t wanna vote me out, but they just wanted to go with the house. With throwing that grenade and making my last attempt towards the house, it really created a divide and showed people’s true colours on who they actually wanted to vote out, and not just follow the house.

What grenade was that?

I kind of unintentionally started up a really big conflict between Ika and essentially, Gary. Well, not so much Gary, but Cass. They’ve always kind of being butting heads to begin with, but I really kind of drove a hard wedge between them, and that’s what really blew up the house and put a really big line dividing the house a little bit.

Who do you think would have gone up on the block if Bruno did use the Power of Veto?

That’s tough. I know Karen was saying that if one of us was to go off the block, that she was just gonna let the house decide, so everyone was freaking out, no one had a clue on where Karen’s head was at and who she would nominate next. It was really up in the air if she would actually put up a veteran, or just go back and play the safe game and put up a new houseguest. It was really up in the air, no one knew.

If you could go back in and play again, how would you play differently?

You know what? I would probably… It’s tough, because I’m really competitive, I wanna say that I would try to throw some challenges and make myself not look as big a threat, but that’s not me. I always wanna give everything my all, give it 100%. If I go back, I almost feel like I would try to align myself with more the girls. I feel like the girls have a really good opportunity to win this game and I feel like they own most of the power in the house right now.

The boys, we were starting to form a really strong alliance and we really wanted to go far. We recognised very early that the girls were starting to align themselves together, so we had to come back and create a guys alliance. I’d really like to stick with the guys, but I’d try a lot harder to create some sort of alliance with a lot of the girls.

What do you make of the twists and turns already happening this season?

Man, this season has been an absolute whirlwind. Even talking to some of the veterans, they said this past week has been crazier than their entire season. I can’t wait to see what happens. All I can say is, I feel a lot safer being out here than being in there, but I still wish more than anything I was in that house.

Make an early prediction – who’s gonna make it to final 3 and why?

Do you know what? I can see Gary; he is just an absolute comedian. He’s so over the top, but everyone loves it. He’s such a strong social player, as well as showing he’s a strong physical player too. Kevin is playing a very smart game; he wants to align with the guys but I feel like he’s doing very well to stay under the radar and make friends with the girls. There always tends to be a bit of a floater, so I really wanna say that Dre’s gonna go far. I don’t think she’s ‘a floater’, because I think she’s playing a very strong, strategic game right now, but as for one of the new houseguests, I think that she’s gonna go very far and I can definitely see her making top three.

Which houseguest would you like to see evicted next and why?

I wouldn’t be too upset if I saw Ika go out the door next. There was a lot of… I really had a feeling that she was the one that was gunning for me even though she said she wasn’t. I could be absolutely off and she could have been in my favour to keep me safe, but I really think she has a strong hold on the house right now…

What are some of your highlights from your time in the house?

Just getting to know everyone, you know? The overall experience; making so many friends so fast and feeling all those emotions. Honestly, Gary made everyone laugh, and just having him in the house was so, so much fun, just to be in the house and experience Gary, he was a great time. Even playing the competitions, that was always something that I was always really excited to do. I had a lot of fun, I wish I could have played a lot more, but it is what it is.

Big Brother Canada, Season 5 premieres Wednesday, March 15 at 9pm ET/PT on Global, then airing Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT and Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on Global.

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