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There is an anticipation of  who will be the a new target for nominations and who will be the pawn on Big Brother Canada 5. After last night’s eviction, week 3 plans are coming together for the new Head of Household without much resistance from the rest of the house. That means nominations are heading our way.

Of course it’s always good to have the target not be you, but that can’t make everyone happy and we know who that’s going to be later tonight.
Neda was quick to let Houseguests know this morning that her plan was set with Cassandra going up on the Block next to Jackie, her pawn in this move. Neda explained how Cassandra was making F2 deals with everyone, which she used in part as her justification to target the Vet.
Not helping her case, Cassandra later told Neda she wanted to work with her until the end. Oops. Cassandra did also promise Neda a vote from Jury, but that doesn’t appear to have moved her out of the pre-Jury targeting.
We also know who will be Neda’s renom target should Cassandra escape with the Veto.Watch out Gary. Neda talked with Kevin earlier and confirmed that it’ll be the season 1 returnee going up should Cassandra come off the Block this week. Of course later when Gary spoke with Neda and asked her who she’d renom to replace Cassandra he was answered with silence and a hope that things didn’t come to that.
As for Jackie’s pawn status, she knows the deal and is playing it cool with Neda over the idea. Not much point in putting up a fight I suppose if she believes she’s just the pawn.
Now if Jackie wins the Veto and comes down (or someone saves her) I’m not sure if Gary would still be the renom, and probably not, as Neda probably doesn’t want to show her hand on that move. I’d expect another newbie to go up next to Cass.
We’ll get the official nomination results later tonight, but while we wait, what do you think of Neda’s plan to go after Cassandra? Is she Neda’s best target? Who would you be nominating this week if you were the Big Brother Canaca HoH?

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