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The week 3 Veto players were chosen early Saturday in the  Big Brother Canada house, and the big takeaway we got from that was mostly that it’s going to be a heck of an interesting competition all of a sudden.

For one, the Head of Household (Neda) and the two nominees (Cassandra and Jackie) are all capable of doing well in the same sort of competition. None of them are overly physical, but the same goes for the other players who were chosen, as well — William, Emily, and Ika. Other than Neda during this past HoH, nobody else in the field here has won a single competition this season. It’s a pretty level playing field, especially for Cass, who is the clear target this week.

This really is a do-or-die situation for Cass since it’s hard to foresee anyone else winning the Veto to save her. William probably doesn’t benefit from winning this, Ika’s playing all sides of the house (though Neda’s starting to figure that out), and Emily wouldn’t want to help someone who lobbied to keep Dallas in the game this past week. She has to win, and if she does that, she can regain some essence of footing in the house.

If not, odds are that this will be a really boring week. It’s hard for her to rally against the HoH when you know for sure that the HoH is going to be safe until the jury portion of the game.

Later tonight, we’ll be back to break down exactly who won the Power of Veto Competition. That’s something that you should definitely watch out for!(


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