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The Veto is over and done for Big Brother Canada and this week’s Votes have started to pile up. As we all witnessed William not use his Veto, Cass was left on the Block meaning she is Neda’s big target. Looks like Neda will get her way on Thursday night.
Cassandra hasn’t given up though and continues to work the house trying to round up votes. She needs six this week and that’s a bridge too far. At best she could hope for a shot at four votes, but even those aren’t really


Last night Cass talked with Demeteres and Ika about voting to keep her in. They promised they would, but in reality they won’t. However, Gary does seem the only housemates to have tried to suggest around it’d be better for some of them to keep Cass, but even in his circles they could only get five of the six necessary votes.(Photo Global)

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