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When you put a group of people together in close quarters for long periods of time with no contact with the outside world, a few things are bound to happen: friendships will form, alliances will emerge, tempers will flare and sparks will fly! Since debuting in 2013, the “ Big Brother Canada” house has played home to several showmances. Whether they flamed out fast or kept on keeping on after the cameras stopped rolling, these are the houseguests who hooked up while Big Brother (and Canada) was watching.

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Ika Wong And Demetres Giannitsos
Will Ika and Demetres be the season five showmance? They’re currently flirting up a storm aboard the Big Brother Canada Odyssey but will it blast off into a full-blown relationship or crash and burn before it even begins? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, if Demetres ever writes Ika any love letters, he better keep in mind the woman knows her way around a shredder!

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Alec Beall And Topaz Brady
A vintage “ Big Brother Canada” showmance. Vancouverite Alec, 27, and Ontario dental dental hygienist, also 27, sparked early on in the show’s first season. Alec and Topaz went on to do pretty much everything together – including getting evicted. Alec was voted out first with Topaz quickly behind when it was revealed there would be a surprise double eviction.

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Kevin Martin And Pilar Nemer
Kevin may have a professional poker face but he wasn’t able to mask his emotions when it came to fellow houseguest Pilar “Pili” Nemer. The Calgary card shark and the Mexico-born East Coast cutie blossomed over the course of season three and continued long after the cameras stopped rolling. However, Kevin, who is back in the house competing on the show’s fifth season, recently revealed that these days they’re “best friends” but no longer a couple. When asked if he still had feeling for Pili he answered “that’s an understatement” so maybe we shouldn’t bet against these two just yet?

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Jillian MacLaughlin And Emmett Blois
They say you never forget your first and Jillian and Emmett were “ Big Brother Canada”‘s first showmance, which fans watched happen over the course of the show’s inaugural season in 2013. Jill and Emmett’s showmance became a real-life romance and the East Coast cuties moved in together in Nova Scotia after the show wrapped. It looked liked the fitness fanatics were going to live happily ever after, but by the time the twosome competed on “The Amazing Race Canada” in 2016, their relationship had run its course and the pair revealed they had broken up in late 2015. The outcome dashed the dreams of fans who were likely hoping for “Big Brother” wedding bells to one day ring. However, they remain good friends.


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