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Since “ Big Brother Canada” premiered in 2013 there has been no shortage of twists, turns, shockers and jaw-dropping moments that had us saying, “Oh.Em.Gee.” With the fifth season in full swing, we asked “ Big Brother Canada” host and self-described superfan Arisa Cox to breakdown her top 9  Big Brother Canada moments. So far, that is.

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Jordan Gets Blindsided
His face says it all, doesn’t it? In season three Jordan Parhar was evicted in a 5-4 vote that he most certainly didn’t see coming and it all came at hands of some adept strategizing by his showmance partner Sindy, who had just battled her way back into the house.

“With the help of the other underdogs, Sindy spearheaded one of the most flawlessly-executed blindsides in “Big Brother” history,” says Arisa. “Jordan was evicted and half the house had no idea it was coming.”

That particular eviction not only turned the house on its head and shifted the balance of power it also came with a pretty epic speech from Godfrey who was on the block alongside Jordan. “That eviction also gave rise to a masterful speech where Godfrey proclaimed to his rival Zach that he wanted “Your blood on these hands.” All other epic speeches that came afterwards owe Godfrey for this one,” says Arisa.2 of 9
Allison Finds The Secret Veto

The second season of “ Big Brother Canada” was full of surprises and secrets right from the beginning – from hidden rooms to a secret veto which Allison found after following a series of clues.

“Viewers watched, rapt, as Allison discovered the house had more secrets than she anticipated,” says Arisa. “It changed the trajectory of the game. Thrilling to behold.”

Allison was no stranger to secret rooms. After all, that’s how she began her Big Brother Canada journey, stashed away in the “War Room” until viewers voted her in to the game. However, even Allison was stunned by this development.

“From the luxe BBCAN Grand of season four to the steampunk house of season three which began without a spec of furniture, the Big Brother Canada house is a huge part of every season’s story,” says Arisa.

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Triple Eviction!
Although “ Big Brother Canada” is one of the relatively newer incarnations of the franchise, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone where no other Big Brother has gone before it. Case in point: the triple eviction.
“No one saw this triple coming. NO ONE,” says Arisa. “It had never been done.”

It was an action-packed episode that moved at lightning speed and at the end Bobby, Kevin, and Willow were sent packing.

“We watched the tension that had been building in the house for weeks EXPLODE,” says Arisa. Shouting. Tears. Desperation. Elation. And shock after shock. No one was afraid of making big moves that night. It changed the course of the game.”

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Big Brother Canada” got some international flavour in season four with the addition of fiery Nikki Graham and rabble-rousing rapscallion Tim Dormer.

“These Big Brother LEGENDS from the UK and Australia were invited onto Big Brother Canada and turned the house UPSIDE DOWN,” says Arisa. “Highlights included Nikki’s hysterical sense of humour, tantrums and that epic week on slop. As for Tim – a Head of Household reign using Aussie rules, completely alternative perspectives, and his iconic partnership with fan-favourite Cassandra.”

It was hard not falling in love with the wildcards and they definitely brought their own unique brand of entertainment to their season. “We’ll always miss Tim and Nikki!” says Arisa. Here here!

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Secret Veto Superpower
Season three wasn’t shaping up for Sarah and Brittnee when a little divine intervention changed everything.

“Sarah and Brittnee had had a TERRIBLE week,” explains Arisa. “They were nearly alone in the game, and Canada voted to make them ‘Have Nots’ meaning a week of eating slop, cold showers and sleeping on the floor. They were convinced the country hated them.”

Of course the BBCAN besties soon realized Canada had put them in the Have Not room for a reason – so they could discover a Secret Veto Superpower that rose from the floor like a phoenix.

“Their reactions were PRICELESS.” says Arisa. With that, Brittnee was able to switch out both nominees that week and replace them with her rivals.”

While Brittnee was ultimately shown the door in the final four, the rest is history with Sarah Hanlon becoming the season three winner after final head of household Godfrey opted to take her to final two instead of Ashleigh.

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Jon Keeps Sabrina And Cuts Neda
They may have bonded big time during the season but if Big Brother Canada has proven anything it’s that there’s no such thing as an unbreakable bond. So when it came time to decide who he would take with him into the final two, Jon opted for Sabrina over Neda.

“This was the stuff of legend,” says Arisa. “Neda is a superfan who is known as one of the best strategic minds who have ever played Big Brother Canada and then DIDN’T WIN.”

Though she made it all the way to the final three, her inability to go all the way may have been a case of the student becoming the master. “The problem is Neda trained Jon so well he knew he had to cut her to win,” says Arisa.

And win Jon did. “Neda’s reaction? Daggers,” says Arisa. “Our reaction? A gasp heard ‘round the BB world.”

Neda is currently aboard the season five BBCAN Odyssey attempting a second chance at victory.

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Cassandra Saves Tim In A Double
“One of the most exciting duos in our show’s history was Cassandra and Tim,” says Arisa. “Cass for being a ridiculously fun, yet brilliant strategist, and Tim for being a ridiculously fun yet brilliant strategist – and a winner of Big Brother Australia. ”

It’s safe to say no one realized how deep their connection went but everyone figured it out pretty quick when Cassandra saved Tim from a double eviction. “After swearing up and down to the Pax Brothers – the Heads of Household – that she would NOT use her Power of Veto, Cass immediately did it anyway,” says Arisa. “Jaws dropped but she laughed her way through the moment like a BOSS.”

But not everyone was laughing. “Cass’ betrayal drove brothers Nick and Phil so crazy that they attempted to nominate THEMSELVES for eviction before being talked down off the ledge.”

The Brothers went on to win season four and while Cassandra didn’t make it past the final four, she did show up on season five – only to be the third houseguest voted out. Tim, by the way, was tweeting his support from Australia.

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Shredding Letters
No “ Big Brother Canada” list would be complete without this iconic Ika moment from season two.

“Big Brother fans around the world still refer to this as one of the best BB moments of all time,” says Arisa. “One of the most memorable moments of our series, hands down.”

Ika was in a bit of a pickle, she knew she was likely going to be sent home that week but she had won a challenge that offered her a choice: score five thousand dollars OR let the rest of the houseguests read a letter from a loved one. It wasn’t exactly a Sophie’s Choice for Ika.

“Not only did she take the money,” says Arisa. “But she shredded their letters with gusto and verbally EVISCERATED all the houseguests except for her only true friend, Adel.”

Of course it wasn’t just Canada watching with mouths agape. “What she didn’t know,” says Arisa, “was that the entire house was watching. And crying. And swearing.” Ika, unsurprisingly, was voted out shortly after. She’s not back in the game, competing aboard the BBCAN Odyssey although she’s not shredded anything. Yet.

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Second-Chancers Vs First-Timers
“NOT ONLY did Big Brother Canada make it to Season 5 on the wings of a massive, incredibly devoted Canadian audience, but this year brought back some of the biggest personalities and players from years past,” says Arisa. “And the advanced gameplay and entertainment levels in the house have never been hotter. This season is on FIRE. Try not to get burned!”

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