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After executing the biggest move of the season in last week’s double eviction, Sindy gets a taste of her own medicine as she’s evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey in a 6-1 vote.

It was always a risk for Sindy to strike against her ally Neda in last Thursday’s epic double eviction. But after receiving an Ika pep-talk, Sindy found the opportunity to take out one of the game’s best strategists too juicy to pass up. However, before Neda left, she warned Sindy that she was making a mistake and that Ika would not have her back. As Sindy now heads to jury, Neda will surely be waiting to say “I told you so”.

It’s not that Ika was gunning for Sindy to leave this week. But with Dillon as Head of Household and Ika’s boy toy Demetres up on the block beside Jackie, it meant it was time for some wheeling and dealing. After Demetres won the Power of Veto, Ika was a prime candidate to be replacement nominee, so she cut a deal with Dillon to work with him going forward. Dillon had already made promises to half the house during the HOH competition, so Sindy was the only real option remaining.

Despite Jackie being the plague of the BBCAN house (everyone she gets close to goes home), nobody really views her as a threat. Karen, who has despised Jackie since Day 1, even says that if she were voting emotionally, Jackie would be her choice to leave. But strategically Sindy poses a much bigger threat, not only does she have experience playing the game but she has solid allies in Bruno and Kevin. With such a huge target on her back, it doesn’t give Sindy much room to maneuver.

The positive for Sindy is that she has Bruno and Kevin’s votes all but guaranteed, so she only needs two more votes to survive. Her best chance is trying to convince William and Dre that they can’t trust Ika. She lets them both know that Ika has been passing information back and forth, playing both sides. It’s the same argument Neda used last week; the only problem is that William and Dre are already aware of Ika’s double-dipping and have tailored their strategies around that fact. Also, it’s hard for Sindy to convince anyone she’ll be more loyal than Ika when everyone saw how quickly she turned on Neda last week.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Ika make a truce, Jackie hoping to secure her safety this week, while Ika and Demetres hope the favor will be returned next week. Ika has done a great job building solid relationships within the newbie faction of the house and therefore sticking her neck on the line for Sindy would be risky. Ika has an incredible ability to draw people in who previously hated her – it’s a skill that Bruno and Kevin recognize but struggle to do anything to stop.

In the end, only Kevin gives Sindy a courtesy vote, while the rest of the house vote to evict her. It’s an unfortunate ending for the Season 3 veteran; Sindy really improved her gameplay this season, but her game spun out of control after last week’s dramatic double eviction. On her way out the door, she sarcastically tells her fellow houseguests that she should have been shady and betrayed everyone in the house.

Arisa Cox points out the similarities in Sindy’s two games, telling her, “You blindsided Jordan and joined him the following week. You blindsided Neda and are joining her the following week. How does that happen?!” Sindy says that she played well for 34 days until the double eviction “screwed up my game.” When asked how she thinks Neda will react, Sindy says, “I’m sure she’ll say ‘I told you so’ and ‘You should have listened to me’, and I’ll be like, ‘I know!’”

The episode ends with a brief glimpse of the first part of a three-part HOH competition, where Karen received an advantage. The game is now at the half-way point, so things are only going to get more intense from here on out.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Ika – the Season 2 vet continues to impress. Up until a week ago, Dillon couldn’t stand her, and when he won HOH, you’d have expected Ika up on the block. Not only did she avoid the nomination chair, but she seemingly now has an alliance with heavyweight champ. The concern is going to be others recognizing how tough she’ll be to beat in the Final Two.


Bruno/Kevin – it only seems right to put them both here. Two of only three veterans left in the game, Bruno and Kevin haven’t proven a whole lot this season. They relied too heavily on one alliance while failing to spread their wings around the house. They even admitted in this episode that their games have sucked and they need to step it up.

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