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11:30am Bruno and Ika Bathroom

Dre telling Jackie she wants to call Ika out on her BS.

Dre says Ika is the “stereotype of the black women” if she ever had a fight with Ika it would get Ugly/disgusting.

Dre doesn’t want 2 black women to fight on TV especially with one of them being Ika.

Dre and Ika talk about Jackie being cursed. Ika – she’s cursed. I’ll be around her but I need protection. Dre – I hear you. Ika – Its weird because Bruno has been campaigning and I was talking to Kevin to feel him out and I was like maybe we should keep Bruno just to see where he was at and the vibe I got from him was he didn’t say it but he was like yeah that would be great. But I got the vibe that he really wants Bruno gone. Dre – really?! Ika – MMMmmHHHhhh.

I think he thinks that Bruno leaving is better for his game because me and Demetres are big targets and he has this protection of me, you, Demetres, William. I think he feels more bitter about that.

Bruno and Kevin in the Hot Tub

Hot Tub marathon

Karen and Kevin Hot Tub Rational Conversation.

Kevin & Bruno in the storage room. Kevin tells Bruno about the robot hand that came out from the wall in the storage room giving William a clue to the hidden veto. Bruno – that’s sick! That’s so sick! That’s sick! That’s crazy.

Dre and Dillon in the storage room. Dre – okay, listen to me. I don’t think Kevin said half of the things that they said he’s said. This could f**k up my game right now but you know I trust you and I hope you trust me. But I don’t think Kevin said half of the things they’re saying that he said. Right now what is happening is that they’re big targets and they want to make sure if ever you win, you don’t come after them but you go after Kevin.

Dillon – right, right. Please just be smart! I know I told you I wouldn’t be able to do it. Dillon – what are you talking about. Dre – I’m going left and right, left and right not knowing what’s happening. I just feel like I don’t what you to do a stupid move and if that costs me my game… okay, I’m going to be out but I just don’t want you to be fooled. Kevin didn’t say half of the things they said he said. Dillon – you don’t think so? Dre – no, I know he didn’t. Dillon – why, why. Dre – because I know. Ika was just in here and she said we had to pull Dillon to tell him Kevin said those things so he comes after them. I know its messing you up. Dillon – are you using me?

Dre – I swear, I swear she just told me to pull Dillon in and tell him all these things that Kevin’s been saying so that to make sure he goes after Kevin. I swear. I know you were already going after Kevin but they said that I just felt like you were going to get played again. Dillon – I need you. Dre – I know, but I wouldn’t be able to put them on the block.

Dillon – So, I’m supposed to do it but you’re not going to? Dre – I might, I might do it. They’re dangerous. Kevin is freaking dangerous, he’s sneaky. They’re right everything they’re saying about him is right. Dillon – they’re right. Dillon – just sleep on it. Dre – its just more and more I’m seeing how they operate. Kevin did not say half the things that she said he said. She said I was there! I wasn’t there Dillon, I wasn’t there. I wasn’t, I’ll swear to whatever you want me to. If you or I win HOH we have to think about who we would put up.(photo global)

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