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5:40pm Kevin and Bruno

Kevin says William is closer to Dre than him but people are thinking Kevin is closer. People might put Kevin and
William up.

Kevin – I got to get away from him some how

They agree if William used both vetos it would have been a sick ass play.

They mention that William hates Ika.

Bruno says Karen is wrong about a lot of things but sh’es right about some things.

Kevin – I have to befriend Dillon and Karen

Bruno recommends playing pool and throwing the sock around.

Kevin says if Demetres and Ika make it past week 7 they’ll be hard to get out.

Bruno – theres no play I can make to save me.

Kevin – Ika and Demetres had the chance to save us

Bruno – I hope to see them walk out next week

They agree if Demetres leaves it wold be best for Kevin.

Kevin says William thinks he’s on the bachelor a bit.

Kevin – nobody respects Jackie’s game

Bruno – nobody

They say Jackie has sold them out to Jackie, Ika and Demetres before the Sindy vote,

Ika And dre

Ika says she’s over William. If she wins HOH she’ll be putting Kevin and Will up.

6:30pm Blue Room Dillon Kevin and Bruno

The Entire house is against Ika and Demetres. Dillon says Jackie is not buying what Ika/Demetres are selling. Karen is over them as well. Kevin says he’ll put Them up if he wins HOH. The House is pissed how they are walking around the house like the own it. They’ve been trying to get jackie, Dillon, William Karen and Kevin against one another and it was sloppy.

Ika and Dre dancing in the HOH


Kevin and Jackie.

Kevin – we talked about it before and said we have to go like maybe one of us can get up there with Jackie and we can save the two of us. We’ve always operated as a pair. It didn’t work and since then we haven’t really talked game or even looked each other in the eye or anything.

Going into this next week I feel like Bruno is dead right now. I would campaign till the end to save him, right?! That’s how I feel about him. I’m not going to vote against him. It’s going to be 5 – 1, so I think I’m going to be the only vote for him to stay. And I hate to talk about him like as if he ins’t here. That’s how bad the situation is. Going into next week, I am not going after you. Jackie – because I’l heard you are. Kevin – there are people pitting us against each other. People have said that you’re going a round pitting us against eacheo
Kevin – if Dillon is riled up against Ika and Demetres.. Bruno – Yes, which he is. Kevin – we could use you as a weapon more than Karen. He is personally tied in with Karen. Bruno – but if its better for his game. Kevin – Dillon, Jackie, myself and Will. Bruno – do you think they would do it? Because that’s what I was going to come to you with. That’s the last ditch. The last hope. I could even say something stupid like literally I’ll take HOH this week, I’ll get the blood on my hands. You can send me out the following week. You’re safe for two weeks. Kevin – Dillon is pretty fired up against Ika and Demetres I think. Jackie feels like she can trust Ika & Demetres. I think she’s a little bit in there. We could pull it out .. what do we have to loose. People expect you to do something, I mean you’re on the block. Bruno – I know but I just don’t think they’ll do it, that’s the problem. I feel like I should, I just think there’s a low chance it will work. Kevin – yeah there’s a low chance of success because Will feels like he is in a good spot right now. Bruno – that’s the thing I don’t think he will go against Jackie. Kevin – he won’t go against Dre. Bruno – that Ika and Dillon thing was interesting. Kevin – what happened? Bruno – When they were saying that Ika made up some lies. Kevin – but yeah, Ika and Demetres aren’t going to flip so the other side would be Dillon, Jackie, Kevin, William. Bruno – but is William really there. He doesn’t have to win. Kevin – William isn’t incentivized. Bruno – William doesn’t like Ika. She the thing is he needs to know I’m not coming for him. Like I actually benefit his game, where I’m not coming from him. He could say it will be hard to get me out later, which it might but.. Hey man if they’re down its good but.. Do you think Jackie would? Kevin – Jackie is… Bruno – Jackie is so bad. Like does she not see it? Kevin – I truly feel like she is in with Ika & Demetres right now. I really feel like if she wins she is going to put me up. Bruno – that’s no good. Kevin – we really need to get Dillon to turn on Karen. Bruno – I think he is smart enough to know I would help his game more than Karen would, you know? Kevin – yeah.

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