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Bruno Ielo stood the eight evictee of Big Brother canada 5 Ordessy last week, the third member of this season’s jury, has already begun ranking and assessing the remaining Houseguests.

In Bruno’s mind, Jackie, the 22-year-old pizza maker from British Columbia, is the weakest player left in the house.

“There are many players who are doing well but hands down the worst is Jackie. I don’t respect the game she playing jumping around from side to side, spilling all of that information. We tried to save her. We tried to work with her. I just have no respect for that type of game. I never have. I never will and I am not going to start today,” said Bruno emphatically.

As for who is the best, Bruno chose Dre and William.

“Best game? That’s a good question. There are a lot of good players. Dre is in a good spot right now socially. William is doing all right too,” he said.

While giving her praise, Bruno also criticized Dre for the goodbye message she left for him. In it, Dre said: “Bruno, I am glad I got to play with you unfortunately you were on the wrong side of the house since the beginning because I want all of the Vets gone. Have fun in jury but don’t worry Kevin and Ika will be joining you soon.”

Bruno didn’t take too kindly to what was said.

“I think Dre’s goodbye message was poor gameplay and poor jury management. There will be a lot of Veterans on the jury and enough to make or break her game. By her saying that she is going to lose a lot of votes. It was just poor, poor, poor jury management. It was absolutely horrible,” he said as he went on to explain why the Veterans couldn’t stick together and rule the house this season.

John Powell: Why couldn’t the Veterans stay loyal to each other and where do you think things fell apart?

Bruno Ielo: “I think things went wrong with Veterans during Week One. Cassandra’s mistrust of me and so many egos were getting in the way of each other. There were a lot of big egos and I knew it wasn’t going to work. It was definitely Week One when the cracks started and there was no putting those pieces back together.”

John Powell: It also seemed like a perfect strategy would be for the duos to pair up against the others. Why didn’t that ever happen?

Bruno Ielo: “We did try it! I tried to get Kevin and myself to team up with Ika and Demetres but there was a trust factor. It is easy to look at things from the outside but when you are in the game trust is a BIG thing. The other thing was Ika had too much trust in Dre and not enough in myself and Kevin. That is what got in the way and that’s why it didn’t happen.”

John Powell: Was it easier to be away from your family for a second time around?

Bruno Ielo: “It is still hard. I don’t want to say it is easier but it is easier. I knew this time they were okay. The first time I played the game I didn’t know how they were doing at home, if they were okay, what kind of support they had but coming back a second time, I knew that my family was going to be fine. So, I don’t want say I put them in the back of my mind but I did put the game in the forefront knowing they would be fine when I came out.”

John Powell: You spent a lot of time with Karen in the house, more than anyone, why was that? What drew you to her and what do you think about her?

Bruno Ielo: “I get Karen’s humour and personality. I absolutely love her. I loved our talks. We could just laugh out loud and you know, I am a momma’s boy and I was just drawn to her. I loved spending time with her. I love her and I hope we can stay very good friends outside of the house.”

John Powell: It was interesting to see you and Kevin bond and protect each other as much as you did this year. Why did things not work out last time and do you have a new level of respect for him?

Bruno Ielo: “I absolutely have a new level of respect for him. He is a brother to me. I don’t know what it was the first time. The first time we played there was a wall between us and we just could not connect on any level. We tried and it just wasn’t real. This time around, seeing him in the house, I pulled him aside Day One and said…Let’s right our wrongs. Let’s do this! If we played together, we can do some damage in this house. We are a good duo. Let’s push forward together and we did. I had his back 100 per cent.”

John Powell: In his goodbye message to you, Kevin vowed to get revenge for your eviction. Who do you hope he targets this week and why?

Bruno Ielo: “I really hope Kevin takes out Dre this week or, as much as it would be bad for his game, Ika or Demetres but I really, really hope he goes after Dre this week and moves forward with Ika and Demetres.”

John Powell: If you had stayed in the house, what would your strategy have been moving forward?

Bruno Ielo: “If I had stayed in the house this week, I would have pulled Ika and Demetres in and said…Now, you can trust me. Demetres cannot play this week, let myself and Kevin win and we can prove it. Let’s move forward together and let’s start taking these new players out as they are coming for us. I needed them to see that, to trust me not just with words but actions.”

John Powell: Would you have taken Kevin to the finale or would you have cut him in favour of someone else?

Bruno Ielo: “Kevin was my real final two. It didn’t matter who I was sitting next to in final three, if it was Karen, myself and Kevin, I would have cut Karen and taken Kevin to the final two. I gave him my word on Day One that he was my ride or die and I meant it.”


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