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Power of Veto Players were: Demetres, Ika, Kevin, Jackie, Dillon and Dre

Power of Veto winner: Demetres

William and Kevin in the storage room

Kevin – “Put up Jackie you guys vote out Ika”

Kevin tells him he’s putting up Jackie they vote out Ika

Dillon – me, Karen, William.. perfect..

Dillon says Karen is already paranoid.

Demetres gets to take a jury member for a drive. Iak says he should take Bruno.

Demetres says he just started studying yesterday he shouldn’t have won that comp the people in the house are a lot dumber than he thought.

Kevin says that was the best result for the veto

Kevin and William in the HOH

William says the only thing Ika can do is put on makeup

Dre joins them. Says the house will not be keeping Ika against Jackie especially knowing that Demetres is now staying.

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