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Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations following Thursday night’s endurance competition to crown the latest Head of Household.

Only two Vets remain this week after Bruno’s departure and their numbers could continue to dwindle to a likely extinction as the Newbies have rallied to take out the once feared returning players.

Kevin might be in power, but that doesn’t mean the Vets are safe. He knew he had to target a pair and the most obvious choice was clear.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 8 Nominations

Just before the nominations Kevin seems to have questioned his decision to go after Ika and Demetres, but it looks like either he was dissuaded enough or maybe he was just toying with “good TV” as he’s mentioned a few times.

Of course if Ika goes then Kevin will be the last Vet and I do think he’ll soon follow. Don’t forget that Triple Eviction coming up on Thursday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him follow Ika out the door that night.

What do you think of Kevin’s nominations? Should he have stuck with the last Vet and tried to take out Dillon, Dre, or any Newbie at all?


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