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Karen and Dillon in the morning Chit chat..

Around the 8:30 mark Karen talks about working at Cracker neck Country club in the states it was called that because they use to hang people.

Ika, Demetres Morning

Nothing really…

Ika saying if she’s still in the house she needs to win the last veto competition

Ika – I’ve I’m here Kevin has a better chance of winning that veto and if Kevin wins that veto he’ll evict Karen.

Karen Demetres and Ika

Karen going on about how she doesn’t want the “Weak ass people” to win this season.

Karen says people will think she is weak but she’s not she’s here because she’s built relationships and trust with people.

Demetres – and you stuck to Dillon

Karen claiming she’s been with Ika and Demetres since day one.

Karen – I know who should win this game..

Ika – I love you Karen

Ika Demetres and Karen

Demetres says Kevin will take Dillon, he knows the only person that can beat him in competitions is Demetres that is why he wants nothing to do with him.
Ika – Kevin’s biggest game move of the season will be taking me or Demetres out of this house

Karen – we’re not playing Kevin’s game we are deciding with them who goes and Demetres is probably staying
Karen says Dillon is willing to settle for second.

Karen – Second is good enough

12:16pm Demetres and Karen

Karen going on about convincing Dillon that he has a chance to win final 2 with Demetres but not with Kevin, “I will make him believe that”

Karen – “Every Jury Vote is for Kevin Martin.. Kevin needs to go”

Demetres says he’s a honest guy but Karen has done more in the game than Dillon has.

Demetres goes on about all the comps that Kevin has thrown, “He is very smart.. I wasn’t given the opportunity to throw comps”

Karen and Ika in the Bathroom

Karen going on about Kevin saying he wants strong players in the end to prove something to Canada.

Karen – if you really believe your own bullshit than walk the walk and talk the talk

Ika – If Kevin knows Demetres is staying does he want to stay here with me and Demetres or Demetres and Dillon

Ika – Kevin’s not dumb they are both taking you.. Dillon and Demetres

They agree everyone is thinking Karen won’t win the 100K so they all want to take her. (Dillon, Kevin and Demetres)

Karen & Ika in the storage room.
Karen – no way we’re all 3 going to be here anyways.. given up hope. And I told you you give up hope when your a$$ walks out that door. That’s when you give up hope. Thank god you took the shower and got them clothes off that _______. I think Kevin might have broken the spell anyways because he figured out. Ika – I’m still not sitting that. Karen – oh god, me neither. Not touching it. Ika – Dillon spent all his time up Kevin’s a$$ making final deals. You said they’re over there cashing cheques. You shouldn’t write cheques your a$$ can’t cash. And oh my god Karen, you’re a witch. Karen – I told you. Brew Brews will tell you. After she does enough, you’ll start believing her. Karen leaves. Demetres comes in and says I don’t know what the f**k just happened? Is there a possibility that we’re still alive?! Ika – I feel really bad about my speech. Demetres – he said he liked them honestly. Ika – I honestly feel bad for him. It’s four against one. He is right. Demetres – he does a have point. Ika – I do feel bad for him. Demetres – yes. I feel like that’s a decision he might regret though. Depends. Ika – Ah hello! I was so rude. I was so rude to him. Dillon thinks that Karen is going to vote to keep him. She says she’s not. Demetres – remember when I said you’re going to get lucky. Ika – I cannot believe he did that. When he said I was going to use the power of veto I was like (head down) .. drawing dead. Drawing dead. Karen comes back in. Karen – Dillon’s got tears in his eye’s. He’s like don’t flip on me. He (Dillon) was willing to cut you (Demetres) loose. Demetres – Oh I know. Ika – he was. Demetres leaves. Karen – oh god, this is going to be so bad because he (Dillon) is going to feel so betrayed by me .. but.. Demetres comes back in and tells Karen & Ika – Dillon is standing right out there.

Ika and Demetres in the kitchen.
Ika – I can’t believe this just happened. This is crazy. Demetres – but for Karen .. the smart move for her is to keep Dillon. Ika – Karen thinks you deserve to win. She’s not going to do it. I don’t think she cares about the money. Demetres – She’s crazy. Ika – she is. She is. It’s a good thing we spent all our time with her and not over there making deals. Demetres – relationships. Ika – I told you. Demetres – you’re going to get to watch the award show. Iks – I know, it’s my dream to watch it with you. Ika goes over to Dillon and asks – did you know he was going to do that? Dillon – we haven’t be talking like that. He knows its us against him. And either you guys are going to get Karen to campaign to keep him or.. Ika – I’m not campaigning to Karen. Dillon – or you vote for him (Demetres) and Karen votes for me and he (Kevin) makes the choice. Ika – I’m not campaigning to Karen. Dillon – it is what it is. I’m just so f**King mad right now. Ika heads upstairs.

Demetres to Dillon – are you hearing that? They’re talking about the veto. “You told me to shove my veto up my a$$!” (what Ika said to Kevin during the POV ceremony.)
Dillon – and then he gives it to her. What an idiot! What an idiot.
Demetres – that’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Dillon – never seen anything like it.
Demetres – I do get his logic. Dillon – oh yeah, its a smart move but.. smart move.

Karen comes to talk to Dillon. Karen – so much for your friend Kevin Martin. Dillon – he’s doing this to ensure that one of us goes. Karen – oh for sure. 100% He wants exactly what you said to me. Why would I want to leave two big guys in the house. Dillon – I was surprised he didn’t put me and him up right off the bat. They’re probably going to campaign to you and ..ah .. Big Country goes home. Karen – had he left it the same ..we would have had two big guys here. Dillon – yup, we shouldn’t have said anything. Dillon – I just need you to not flip on me. Karen – I don’t trust anything he says anyways and you know that. That’s why I’ve targeted them all season. Dillon – its not him, its Demetres and Ika. Its either keep Demetres or I go home. Karen – I hear them arguing. Dillon – I think all that was fake just to make it look better. Dillon – I don’t think it matters what we do, I’m going home. Karen nods her head and says yup! And I’m coming right after you hun. Dillon – I’m pissed off .. BIG TIME!


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