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Tonight on Big Brother Canada the season 5’s Final Five head into the Power of Veto competition as we pick back up in the last few days of the season with Kevin as HoH and his noms set on the Block.

This is all feeling very deja vu, right? I mean what could go wrong here? Kevin gets his noms on the Block and one of them goes home, right? Well let’s just wait and see how this all turns out in the next Veto comp and beyond.

Oh this F4 scenario just got interesting in the game so it’ll be fun to watch this play out in the show tonight as we wait to see if there are any DRs giving us a little more insight to the decisions being made this week.

Can’t wait until tonight’s BBCAN5 episode? Who do you want to win? We’ve got your Veto spoilers along with details on who we’re expecting to be evicted by the week’s end. Check it out right here.

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