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The Final Four were revealed with last tonight’s eviction vote on Big Brother Canada 5, sending one more Houseguest off to the Jury ahead of next Thursday’s season finale event.

Taking you back, Kevin just replaced Dillon on the Block in a bid to send out the biggest competitor, Demetres, but now his move rests in the hands of two voters. And it was time to see how that works out for him.

Ofcourse i expected Kevin’s plan to fall flat, but with Ika saying she wanted to go to Jury over Demetres this may have happened either way. Ehh, maybe. I’m not sure Dillon would have wanted to keep Demetres around, but it’s possible.

Eviction Vote:
Ika: VTE Dillon
Karen: VTE Dillon

By a vote of 2-0, Dillon was evicted evicted last night.

Next Thursday is the Big Brother Canada 5 Finale starting an hour early at 7/6c so be sure to get there ahead of the regular time or you’ll have missed half the big event. Who do you want to win BBCAN5? Share your pick below

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