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We’ve got the latest HoH competition results for Big Brother Canada 5 as the season’s Final Four Houseguests have a new Head of Household to wrap up BBCAN5 in its final week.

At the end of last tonight’s show Dillon had just been evicted and the other three HGs were competing for the last HoH. Either Demetres, Ika, or Karen would take this prize.
Ika won the first round and Demetres got the second, but who came out with the most points at the end of it?

The New Head of Household is…..Demetres won the HoH comp!

Okay, so no one is surprised, right? Well that makes noms easy to predict. Kevin and Karen will go up but it’s all about the Veto.

All the same, Demetres has guaranteed himself a spot in the F3. Congrats to him.

What do you want to see happen this week on Big Brother Canada? Who would you put on the Block?

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