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Ika and Demetres HOH

Ika – I thought Cass was one of the best players I’ve ever seen on Big Brother Canada and She left fourth
Demetres – she was good
Ika says That Dr Will went out on final 4 during Big Brother Allstars
Demetres says Kevin’s “odds don’t change”
Ika says they do if Kevin wins the Final HOH and takes Karen.
Ika adds that Kevin told her that he doesn’t think he beats either of them in the end.
Ika says everyone in the Jury hates her she will have no influence over Jackie, neda, Bruno. Maybe Sindy. Goes on about those players all liking Kevin.
Demetres is going to try and “Disappoint” the Jury
Demetres says it was another competition that was “right down his [Kevin’s] alley”

Demetres – “I Don’t know how I got f**ked up on that one.. I knew the answer for all except for the Dre one”
Demetres – makes sense now I had 5 wrong

Kevin and Demetres talking about the Power of Veto Competition.
Kevin wonders if the POV Ceremony is Tomorrow. They haven’t been told how the final week goes down.

Karen Kevin and Demetres Part 1

I think today’s the last day of feeds.

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