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Should there be any three-time players on the Big Brother Canada show? Is the time right to dive into this territory?

For the record, the answer should be no … for now. There are a ton of people across Canada, and as fun as some people are, returnees do shift the dynamic given that they have advantages in public votes, and they take away some of the organic charm that comes with the show and having people with zero knowledge of how they are being perceived on the outside world.

Nonetheless, it’s still worth looking at the returnees and gauging if they would bring anything to the show for a third go-around.

Dallas Cormier – Absolutely not. He’s fun to watch, but he’s a pretty poor player (putting it lightly) who will never make it further than the start of the jury at best.

– She came back to soon this time, and she needs someone else she can scheme with like a Tim. It’d be good to see her again in maybe five or ten years.

Gary Levy – Gary is good at quotes and was a pretty good player for a few weeks, but it feels more like his better venue is as a host or an interviewer outside of the show as opposed to being on it.

Neda Kalantar – There is something interesting about her going back years in the future to prove that what happened this time was a fluke brought on by unfortunate circumstances and a twist that poisoned her game effectively since she didn’t feel danger for so long.

Sindy Nguyen – She was better this season, but she effectively made the same mistake. There’s no reason to bring her back to watch her make the same mistake AGAIN.

Bruno Ielo – He’s a very good player, but he’s probably not compelling enough television to be under serious considering for a third appearance.

Ika Wong – 1000% if they do another season. Entertainment wise she’s been the star of the show, and the same goes for gameplay for much of the time. she made mistakes, but corrected them.

Kevin Martin – Provided Ika goes home at final four, he will be the best-performing veteran this season. With that, he’s probably made it so that if he was to return, he’d be voted off almost right away. Save him for an all-winners season.

Do you think that there should be any three-time Big Brother Canada players? Share in the comments below!

Credit- Catermatt

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