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Previously on Big Brother Canada, as HoH, Kevin nominated his arch rivals Ika and Demetres. With the Greek as his target, Kevin renewed the feud and lit Ika’s fuse.

At the PoV competition, the HGs stormed the beach. Demetres and Kevin went toe to toe but at the last second, the Greek stayed puzzled while Kevin rode the wave to victory. With no clear way off the block, DemIka was devastated but a conversation with Karen gave the card shark second thoughts.

With Kevin betting on a split vote, he used the veto to save Ika and replaced her with the champ. With the battle lines drawn, all the power was in Karen’s hands and on eviction night, Kevin’s big gamble went bust and Big Country took the big trip to jury.

Tonight, in a battle of the Xs, who will win HoH and ensure their spot in the FINAL THREE? With Niki Graham working the red carpet, who will shine brightest at the BBCAN Awards? It’s all happening right now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the live eviction show. Kevin tells us he’s frustrated. Ika and Demetres were up on the block two weeks in a row and they’re both still in the house. Using the PoV on Ika and putting Dillon up was supposed to be an awesome move. Karen was supposed to vote to keep Dillon but Karen is not playing for herself. She’s strictly playing for vengeance against Kevin. He won the HoH and the veto and it’s frustrating that what he wanted in the Final Five didn’t happen.

Demetres tells us he cannot believe he and Ika survived the block a second week and are both still there. Kevin’s plan for a split vote didn’t work because he did not see the connection that Karen has with he and Ika. Karen is his BB Fairy Godmother. She’s his secret PoV this season.

Karen tells us she feels heartbroken. Bittersweet because Demetres stays but she loses her friend Dillon.

In the bathroom area, Ika comforts Karen. Karen wishes Kevin was gone and Dillon was still there. Karen tells us she came in hoping to win the game this season. But if she can’t do it, the people she wants in first and second are Demetres and Ika. She does not want Kevin Martin to win.

Ika tells us it’s amazing they’re still there another week after having been on the block. Now she just was to win HoH.

We fast forward to the HoH competition, picking up at round 3. Demetres tells us this HoH is super important because it guarantees him a spot in Final Three and the chance to play in the three part HoH.

They are looking for the HoH in this round, both Ika and Demetres have a point. Karen buzzes in with the wrong answer of Demetres. Demetres buzzes in with the correct answer of William, giving him two points.

Kevin tells us he’s studied harder than anyone in this house, he would kill this competition. It kills him that he can’t play.

Ika buzzes in correctly for the fourth round. Demetres tells us he can’t help but think of maybe giving this one to Ika. She wants it so badly but he has to separate game from emotion and doing what’s best for his game. Demetres gets the answer to round 5 correct and has three points. If he gets the next answer right, he is the new HoH.
Round 6 – Demetres buzzes in correctly and is the new HoH!

Ika tells us she’s not happy right now. She’s not thinking about his win, she’s thinking about her loss and it’s devastating. She’s not guaranteed Final Three which she worked hard for.

Demetres tells us he feels horrible – he knows he took this from Ika and she wanted it so badly. He took away her last chance for a legit HoH and all the perks that go with it. At this point in the game, you’re playing more individually rather than a pair and it’s difficult to work as a pair when there’s only four people left. At the end of the day he wants to take her to the end and is going to work hard to do it.

In the kitchen, Demetres vents to Karen about how badly he feels. Ika joins and follows Karen into the storage room. She vents to Karen about how angry she is that Demetres didn’t throw the HoH to her. Karen consoles her – Demetres will win PoV and take Ika to Final Two. Ika doesn’t want a handout, she wants to earn it.

Kevin is in the blue room, miserably muttering about Demetres being the new HoH. Kevin tells us his road to the Final Two is significantly more difficult. He’s seen this before – they win power and survive, repeat. It’s unbelievable. How do they do it?

Who wants to see my HoH room? The HGs fake excitement as they join Demetres in his HoH room.

Demetres tells us having the room is unbelievable. You get all your treats, your video from home. This far in the game you really need that push from family. His video is from his sister Vaseliki, it’s so good to hear her voice, he says. She misses him and would love to give him a big hug. Congrats on winning his 4th HoH, she bets he did it so he could watch a video from his awesome big sis. She greets the other HGs, hopes he hasn’t driven them too crazy. One time he gave her a saying “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable”. That’s what he’s doing with this game. Keep going, they love him.

Demetres tells us right now this game is getting uncomfortable and he needs to get used to it. Kevin goes into the blue bedroom by himself while the rest of the HGs are in the bathroom area.

Demetres tells Ika he brought her good luck and she says lucky for him. Ika tells us she feels irritated with Demetres right now for some reason.

Karen says long day, might be another long day tomorrow. He leaves, Karen says that was hurtful. Karen reminds her he’s still a person. He came to play and win, he didn’t come to lose his heart to a girl. So did she. Not his fault he can’t separate it. Karen coaches her to encourage him, make things right with him.

Ika heads to the HoH room. Ika tells us she’s always been 100% honest with Demetres in the house. If she’s feeling bitter or irritated, she should tell him. She doesn’t want to be less honest with him. He deserves the truth. Demetres says he know she wanted it badly. Ika says she’s not angry at him, just disappointed in herself. It’s embarrassing she can’t win anything. Demetres feels bad, Ika doesn’t believe him. Ika says they’re all individual players, he’s guaranteed himself Final Three, nothing to feel bad about. She doesn’t have to feel happy for him all the time. She can feel upset with herself. Demetres offers to let her have the HoH room, she says no – he won and should enjoy it. She congratulates him and says great partnership. Demetres questions that and Ika admits she feels it’s been pretty one-sided.

“Hey guys! I’m here to style you for the BBCAN Awards!” Nikki Graham enters with a flourish. “I’m back!” she says in the DR room.

Kevin tells us he loved her last year. They give Nikki a tour. They head to the HoH room after to try on clothes, shoes and accessories for the Big Brother Canada Awards.

Ika ends up in a stunning gold dress, so Demetres get a gold sash to match her. Karen is in a silver and black evening dress while Kevin is in black and white with a hint of silver.

Nikki heads for a nap in the HoH bed before the awards ceremony.

Time to walk the red carpet! Nikki is the host on the carpet and greets HGs as they come in. Demetres tells Nikki he never thought he’d make it this far. He thinks his chances are about one in four. Good answer, Nikki grins.

Karen is next, and Nikki tells her she’s the oldest person in BBCAN history to make it this far.

Kevin is next and he tells us he feels like a celebrity walking the red carpet. Kevin thinks a couple kissing scenes stand out. He can’t wait.

Ika is last and tells us she feels amazing. She loves the dress Nikki put her in, it’s gorgeous. She hopes to bring an award home.

First Award – Favourite Makeup Malfunction. Gary does Bruno’s makeup or Gary does Ika’s brows. The winner is “Gary does Ika’s brows”. Demetres thinks Ika’s going to clean up in the awards.

Second Award – Favourite Foodie. “Dillon During Buzzkilled” or “Karen on Slop”. The winner is “Dillon during Buzzkilled”. Karen tells us she didn’t want to be rewarded for her bad behaviour.

Third Award – Favourite Blow up. Dallas vs Dillon or Ika vs Neda. The winner is Ika vs Neda. Karen says “history made” in the DR. Kevin thanks her for back dooring Neda; he appreciates it.

Fourth Award – Favourite kiss. Demetres and Ika or Kevin and William. Ika covers Demetres’ eyes during their scene. Demetres screeches, he wants to watch. Ika screams she’s so embarrassed.

After Kevin and William’s scenes, Karen quips “Young Love, so cute”. The winner is Kevin and William. Karen warns him not to break William’s heart. Ika’s ranting about how embarrassing.

The HGs are then shown clips from the season. Demetres feels this season had more good players than any other season.

Karen, teary eyed in the DR, says she’s lived such a surreal moment in the house. She’ll never come back, but thank you. Kevin tells us it’s been such a journey. They should all be very proud of themselves for making it to final four. When it’s over, they toast to final four.

Karen jokes that Kevin on day 62 is still slithering around the house. Karen tells us they don’t often talk about how they got into odds in the house.

Week one she was HoH, she, Kevin and Bruno had a conversation in the blue room where they said she’d be loyal to her. On day 6, they attempted to flip the vote and save Mark after they promised her to evict him. After that day, they were blacklisted.

Kevin tells us she’s making her decisions at final four based on something that happened two months ago. That’s ridiculous. Karen tells us she’s never a fool twice. Hell no.

Demetres heads into the storage room where Kevin is sitting alone. He startles Demetres. Demetres tells us they get along pretty well, they have a weird rivalry going and have for about half the game now. The last HoH that wasn’t either of them was Dillon.

The two of them have been HoH for a month. They’re waiting to see who the last man standing is. It’s a sick rivalry, they agree (sick being awesome).

Kevin tells us Demetres has an amazing social player, a competition beast and is his biggest threat. His replacement nominee might have been a $100,000 mistake.

Ika tells us at this point she’s over being angry at Demetres. They’ve been together and no one fights for her like he does. They’ve come a long way and are together in final four.

Ika joins Demetres in the HoH room. They were dreading the days of being together on the block all season long and now they’ve survived it twice. Ika apologizes for being not happy for him. Ika sees Kevin standing in their way of getting to Final Two. Ika thinks it will come down to her or Kevin with Demetres and Karen. Demetres says they’ll win the PoV.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us there’s not a lot of people in the house and not a lot of strategy into these nominations. He’s going to put up the two people he does not want with him in Final Two. In his mind, Kevin beats him every time in an Final Two scenario. Karen hasn’t made many enemies, hard to tell if she was in Final Two.

Demetres nominates Kevin and Karen (no big surprise there). Kevin is nominated because he will likely beat any of them in an Final Two scenario and is the biggest threat in Demetres’ game. He’s nominated Karen because there’s not enough people to choose from – he doesn’t want her to go home.

Kevin tells us if he doesn’t win the veto, it means congratulations, 4th place Kevin. He will beg, plead and offer scenarios but he doesn’t see one that will keep him there.

Karen tells us Demetres really didn’t have a choice but to put her on the block after she just saved him. It was her or Ika, he’d be horrible if he put Ika up. She’s hopeful she’ll make it to Final Three.

Who will win the final four veto? Find out at the special eviction on Tonight!(Photo- Global)

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